Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Firearm

One of the most lucrative business in Ontario today is the firearms businessNot only because Americans have always been obsessed with guns but because with this business you know you will have returning customers. People who buy firearms also need ammo and other gun parts or materials, so they will return to your gun store if you treat them as professionally as possible (true merchant).

In order to acquire a firearms license (also called FFL), that is the license to buy and sell guns, you need to file your application to the United States Department of Justice – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (also called ATF).

After you submit your FFL application it might take 6-7 weeks before your application is reviewed and processed by the ATF. If everything goes according to plan and all the requirements are met, then your application will be accepted and stored.

Finally you will be issued your firearms license and you are ready to buy and sell guns from then on. The basic license costs around $200 for the first 3 years as of writing this (pretty cheap). Then it’s around $100 for every 3 years.

Researching brands and prices can be very long and tedious. In general, the more you spend, the more the gun is worth, the more proven it is, the higher quality. Usually again, these are the manufacturers that perform more “tests” on their firearms which equates to a slightly higher price. They are going to go that extra little bit without cutting as many corners. They are going to use more expensive materials. One other decent reason to not worry so much about the higher expense, is that they hold their value really, really well. Of course, value also depends on what you have on the gun, night sights, finishes, grips, etc…

The first thing to keep in mind when shopping for a firearms is, no matter what anyone tries to sell you, the truth is… it is what YOU like, not what the dealer wants to get rid of because it has been in inventory too long. It is not what your colleague, acquaintance, or friend thinks is awesome. It is what you feel ergonomically comfortable, the size and caliber are for your needs, the action is what you want, and the look is great as observed by you. Ultimately, you are going to use, keep, and know your firearm. Make sure it is one YOU want. Learn it and use it. Get good at shooting it on a regular basis.

Alright, let’s get down to actual guide of purchase. There is no “set” way of what to do first, but there are important factors to consider. So many in fact that is really comes down to eliminating. The way I feel may be the best way to represent purchasing a firearm is to offer how I would select one. You can by all means choose a different order, but keep some of the factors in mind. The main factors are: manufacturer, action, caliber, ergonomics, safeties, and eye appeal. First and foremost of course is to figure out what your needs are. Are you going for concealed, open carry, short range, long range, competition, target, cowboy, personal defense? etc…